MASTERCLASS: How To Be Assertive Without Being a "Bitch" or an "Asshole"


How To Be Assertive Without Being a "Bitch" or an "Asshole," or as we call it, Assertiveness 101, was originally presented live in our Therapeutic Online Community. 


  • 120-minute Masterclass on How to Be Assertive
  • A workbook to help you take notes and retain the information
  • Downloads: Video, Audio, Workbook + Slides


What You'll Learn in this 2-Hour Masterclass:

  • The 4 Communication Styles 
    • How do we develop them?
    • What do they look like?
    • What is the result of them?
  • The Barriers to Being Assertive in Your Life
  • How to Overcome Your Barriers & Communicate Assertively

Take a peek inside...

How To Be Assertive - 2 Minute Clip from Rachel Wright on Vimeo.


The Masterclass + Downloads

1 Lessons

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