WWC Relationship Assessment


Let’s Get Real…

Relationships can feel hard. They can feel confusing. And, sometimes, they can leave you feeling lost.

Have you ever found yourself eyeball-deep in frustration, feeling disconnected from your partner?

Have you ever silently screamed any of these sentences inside of your head?

“Why won’t someone just tell me what to do!?”

“There isn’t a guide for this! How the fuck am I supposed to know what they’re thinking!?”

“How is anyone supposed to know how to get past the roadblocks in their relationship!?”

“I know we love each other, but we keep having the same fights!”

“Every time I try to talk to my partner they give me the SAME look. What aren’t they understanding?!”

“I want my partner to want to understand me!”

Sigh. It’s not hard to feel like you’re at your wit's end sometimes… even when you’re committed to making your relationship work.

There’s nothing wrong with you or your relationship.

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