Revive Your Relationship™


The Online Program That Gives You The Tools No One Taught You, To Have The Relationship You Never Knew Was Possible.

We all want to be in successful, happy, long-term relationships, but no one ever taught us how — until now.

Did you know that the overall likelihood of separation or divorce is pushing 50 percent?

We believe this is due to the massive gap between self-help relationship books and couples therapy….We fill that gap.

That means no more:

  • Awkward conversations about sex
  • Feeling unheard by your partner
  • Going to bed feeling like you hardly connected to the person next to you today
  • Looking at other couples’ relationships with envy
  • Miscommunications turning into huge fights
Welcome to Revive Your Relationship™! Start HERE!

1 Lessons

Start Here! 

This is the introduction video for Revive Your Relationship™! We are SO happy and excited to have you here!!!

In this video, we go over the structure of RYR AND how best to take advantage of the information inside. 

This will show you how to also use the "hub" to your benefit! 

Phase 1: Fundamentals of a Healthy + Long Lasting Relationship

3 Lessons

In Phase 1 of Revive Your Relationship™, we get into the three main lessons around how to learn the fundamental tools, skills, and knowledge around understanding your partner. Everything starts here.

Phase 2: Your Foundation - How You + Your Partner Experience the World

2 Lessons


Welcome to Phase 2! Now that you have the fundamentals of a healthy and long-lasting relationship, we are going to get into the foundation of everything. 

Remember, you have all of the tools you need at your fingertips and don't hesitate to ask us questions in the question box! 

Don't forget to answer the questions at the end of each video to make sure that we're teaching the material in a way that is understood! We don't want you to walk away thinking you know what something is that we taught in a weird way. :)

With love,

Rachel & Kyle

Phase 3: Your Love Languages, Myers Briggs Type, + Why They Matter in Your Relationship

3 Lessons

Phase 4: Communication + Conflict Management in Your Relationship

3 Lessons

Phase 5: Your New Sex Life

3 Lessons

RYR Wrap Up

1 Lessons