MASTERCLASS: How to Keep Desire Alive in Your Relationship


Our monthly masterclasses are part of our vision to bring research-based education to life to benefit your relationship, sex life, and/or mental health. 


- How to Keep Desire Alive in YOUR Relationship
- The Myth of Balance
- Why It’s Normal for Desire to Wax + Wean
- What Your Ideal “Conditions” For Intimacy Are + How to COMMUNICATE Them to Your Partner
- Mating in Captivity vs. Hot Monogamy: They’re Both Right

The investment in the 2-hour masterclass is $27 and includes lifetime access to the recording + downloadable slides, audio + a workbook to take notes and reflect on the information presented. 

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How To Keep Desire Alive - 2 Minute Clip from Rachel Wright on Vimeo.

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