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FREE RESOURCE: 3 Day Communication Challenge

A simple and FREE way to improve the communication in your relationship in just 72 hours…seriously, it works!

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FREE RESOURCE: WWC Communication Scripts

The WWC Communication Scripts + Feelings Sheet help you find the words when you need them most.

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FREE RESOURCE: Masturbation 101

The WWC Masturbation 101 Guide for Women is a tool to help you connect with your body and feel confident about what feels good, for YOU!

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FREE RESOURCE: The WWC Family Meeting

The WWC Family Meeting will help you bid farewell to miscommunication and say hello to more connection with your partner (and family!)

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FREE RESOURCE: How to Understand + (re)Connect With Your Partner

Learn how to Understand + (Re)Connect With Your Partner with our Update Date Handout + 53 Questions PDF!

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FREE RESOURCE: How to Ask For What You Need in the Bedroom

Communication is vital to elevate your sexual experience. Our helpful guide will ensure you find the words you need to communicate with your partner!


WWC Relationship Assessment

Discover the ultimate tool to figure out what's going on in your relationship and what it the next step is.


MASTERCLASS: Orgasms 101

Orgasms 101 is our masterclass all about orgasms from a Bio-Psycho-Social perspective. You'll learn about the biology, psychology, and how our lives affect how we can experience an orgasm!

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MASTERCLASS: How To Be Assertive Without Being a "Bitch" or an "Asshole"

How to Be Assertive... or Assertiveness 101, is all about learning about communication. You'll learn about types of communication, how we develop them, and how you can be more assertive to get what you need in your life and relationships! 

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MASTERCLASS: Anxiety 101

Do you ever wonder if your anxiety is "normal"?  We all feel anxiety at some point in our lives, . Find out how you know if it's "go to a therapist" anxiety or "normal anxiety, and more. 

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MASTERCLASS: How to Stop People Pleasing

Learn what people pleasing actually is, why people pleasing is so dangerous, the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of a people pleaser, how to stop people pleasing for good, plus a Q&A to make sure that all of your questions get answered!

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MASTERCLASS: How to Fight Fairly in Your Relationship

Learn how to fight fairly so that conflict can bring you CLOSER, rather than pushing you apart. You'll walk away with a new skill set and an understanding of WHY 'fighting fairly' is massively important to your relationship.

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MASTERCLASS: How to Keep Desire Alive in Your Relationship

Our monthly masterclasses are part of our vision to bring research-based education to life to benefit your relationship, sex life, and/or mental health. 

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MASTERCLASS: Money & Your Relationship

We are so excited to dive DEEP into this emotionally charged topic and help you talk about the subject that is in the top 3 reasons for divorce. 

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Ladies & Libidos™ - Spring 2019

A 6-month therapeutic and educational support group program for you to heal, learn, and grow — ultimately deepening your relationship with sex (and your libido!) so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin + sex life.